The greatest trick Uber ever pulled was making you believe the're cheaper then cabs.

April 06, 2016 | beck, cab, community, local, money, parkdale, save, stayoutlate, taxi, toronto, uber

Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the city surrounding the feud between Uber and Cab companies. These discussions as well as the quest to find the cheapest and quickest solution to getting around the city in the winter led me to do a bit of field research into the true difference in pricing between Uber and cab companies. Well after hours and hours of pain staking research (really just a few cab rides and Uber rides to similar destinations and some internet research lol) here's the info in BLACK AND WHITE (colour). 


Uber rides and Cab rides inner city are virtually the same price:

The main advantage to taking Uber inner city comes from taking advantage of their Uber pool system. This option will lower the rate of your trip by "30%" ( In all actuality i would say it leans more towrard 15%)

The only time regular rate for regaular rate there is any of a difference is when you travel out of the city.

Cab companies charge for waiting time and this is where difference in price begins. 

in conclusion, on those drunken nights where you're too drunk to handle the Uber app and too impatient to wait for an Uber or explain your exact location. Don't be afraid to just hop in that cab right in front you. It will only cost you a dollar more. Literally a dollar.

(Chill taxi cab drivers. We got your back).