Stayoutlate present Full Circle2

July 27, 2016 | Adelaide hall, caribana, Community 54, dstry, hiphop, ite, ovo, pbr&b;, stayoutlate, tima, toronto, woe

This friday July29th Community54 family Tremayne and his crew Stayoutlate will be live at Adelaide hall to bring us their second installment of the annual event Full Circle. The first year included artists such as Jahkoy, who has recently signed to Def Jam, IXXI founder and hitmaker Sean Leon and DSTRY collective member G Milla. This year they've put together a line up that includes TIMA nominees OSIYM, PBR&B new comer Andreas, ITE affiliate Kysean, artist/ producer Devontee WOE and back for the second year G Milla. Hosts Sarah Hanlon ( winner of Big Brother Canada) and R.Chung ( g98.7 host for 100% Canadian) will MC the night, while DJ's Rxckz of ITE, DrugsForGirls, DJ Cream and Jam easy will spin tunes to keep the jam lit. There will also be a ton of giveaways through out the night from shatter pens to liquor and tattoo gift cards. For more info hit the link and be there early to avoid disappointment.