9 Street Artists Took Over Our Backyard For the Rolling Rock Beer x Community 54 Wheatpaste Competition

August 22, 2016 | Community 54, Cramcept, Danny Mota, events, Jame$ Kvze, John Exit, Jonathan Weiser, Legendary Backyard, Legendary Backyards, Lower East Side, Maximilian Mueller, NYC, PELNYC, Raul Barquet, Rolling Rock Beer, SMURFOUDIRTY, Wheatpaste, Wheatpasting

Weekends at Community 54 are usually chill, but this past one in particular was a little more lit than usual as we hosted a very special "Wheatpasting Competition" in collaboration with Rolling Rock Beer


With complimentary good eats via our neighbors at Kingsley NYC, a cooler full of Rolling Rock beers, drones capturing everything from an aerial point of view, and live painting by 9 extremely talented street artists, the competition quickly turned into a fun-filled day party that lasted the entire weekend.


Each of the competing artists — which included street artists Cramcept, Maximilian Mueller, SMURFOUDIRTY, John Exit, Jonathan Weiser, Danny Mota, Raul Barquet, PELNYC, and Jame$ Kvze — were given two days to complete a painting that incorporated the Rolling Rock brand, and the final results were just tooo good! 


Five of the artists will be chosen for a local street art campaign, and three out of those five will win some pretty dope grand prizes. Go peep Community 54 over on Instagram (@community54) for more info on how the voting process will work.



Overall, as you can tell from the pics, we had a pretty great weekend. Until next time, good people!  Be sure to join us for the next one :)  




Images: Keenan Higgins/Community 54