Community54 x Converse - Made By You

November 23, 2015 | community54, converse, graffiti, made by you, parkdale, streetwear, swag, swaggiving, toronto

A few months back Community54 had the privilege of collaborating with Converse for their 'MADE BY YOU' campaign.

The collaboration saw local graffiti heroes Birdo and Elicser create an original graffiti mural on 54 pairs of white Chuck Taylors in the graffiti heaven that is Community54's back yard. 

Once the mural was finished all 54 pairs of sneakers where repackaged and are currently being sold at Community54 for $54, because 'Community... 54'. All proceeds from the sale of these sneakers go towards the arts program at Parkdale Collegiate Institute. The dope thing about this Converse campaign is it makes an effort to blur the lines as to what we consider to be celebrity. The campaign combines Chuck Taylors designed by everyday people around the world with pop icons and influencers. To gain a better understanding of the campaign peep the Promo ad below.

Community54 is proud to be apart of this one of a kind campaign and we hope that you take this opportunity to own 1 of these 54 original pieces of art.