June 09, 2015 | events

Community 54 was founded on the basis of providing a space for artists, designers, creators and innovators to meet. And one of these amazing groups of people we have had the chance to work with over the past 2 years are the Parkdale Road Runners

Hailing from the hood, the PRR have made themselves known. They can be seen running through the streets of Toronto, but are always found circling back to their home turn in Parkdale. This Tuesday, the runners will be heading out on two routes - short (via Queen St) and long (via the Humber River Bridge). The team will meet at Community 54 to pow-wow before their 8 PM run! Check out co-owner Daymon Green and store manager Liz Cano prepping for the run two Tuesday's ago:

Ladies - if tonight doesn't work out, the PRR have implemented a 'Ladies Run' on select Saturday mornings. And in light of this initiative, we wanted to highlight the NIKE Women's Run which is happening in Toronto this summer. This 15K run will apparently throw you for a loop - spanning across the Toronto Islands on gravol, dirt and grass. We encourage you to take the challenge and hope to see some PRR runners out there on June 14.