Toronto designers Sully Wong bring minimal luxury to Community54

May 02, 2016 |

There is no denying that, as of late, everyone and their uncles is looking up at the shining, shooting star that is Toronto. It’s the hot spot. The mecca. Six six six, the big bad six. Musical acts such as Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Drake have everyone looking at Toronto for the next thing to tickle their fancy. Aside from musical talents, this city has plenty more sprouting in the way of innovation and I would like to spell it out in two words:


Sully Wong.


Using local urban landscapes and clean geometrics as inspiration, this Toronto based design duo has been churning out some of the sleekest sneakers in the game. If the aesthetics of the popular Common Projects appeals to you, but not to your wallet, this is the shoe you’ve been waiting for.

Not only are they priced incredibly reasonably ($140 CAD), but their new line of lo-tops are also one hundred percent cruelty free by choosing to use the highest grade microfibre leather. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it basically means extra durable, lightweight sneakers you will have a breezy time keeping sparkling clean, as the materials don’t absorb dirt and grime like your average leather product. Sully Wong also takes great pride in visiting their factories on a regular basis, ensuring ethical production methods. These sneaks got morals!


This is our city, and it’s killing the game worldwide right now. If you claim to rep the 6ix, now is the time to support local talent and your stomping grounds by copping a pair of these minimal but fresh-to-death Sully Wong’s.

Now carried at both our Ossington and Parkdale locations!


Written by Nikki Bagheri