Community54 goes to the dominican republic

May 13, 2016 | Community 54, domincan republic, factory, timberland, toronto

Last week, Community54 co-owner Daymon Green was granted the exclusive honour of visiting the Timberland factory in the beautiful Dominican Republic with the company’s marketing manager. This special opportunity is not granted to many, most of the people who have stepped foot in the factory are Timberland employees. Lucky for us, we have had a long standing relationship with the company and they have decided to show us where it all started. In the past we were excited to collaborate on the company’s 40th anniversary celebration of the black 40 below boot, Community54 created a limited run of leather and suede jackets inspired by and made to compliment the iconic Timberland silhouette. We are gearing up for another secret collaboration with the timeless brand and you can watch out for that in fall of 2016, but for now here’s an sneak peek at the meticulously hand-crafted and ethically prepared footwear of Timberland through the eyes of our very own Daymon.

 Here the newly dyed leathers are seen coming out of the tannery. Did you know that clean, treated leather actually has a slightly blue hue after being processed? Surprisingly, the natural looking wheat colour of Timberlands is just another thing the company has perfected flawlessly.

You wouldn't believe the speed and accuracy these boots are handsewn, so here's a clip for you to see with your own eyes.

These bad boys were just sewn completely by hand, all they need is a little sole now!

This big mean looking machine is busy putting the classic rubber soles on a fleet of Timberlands.

Some unsoled and soled Timberlands in various rich colours.


All in all, a pretty enlightening trip to the admirably ethical and orderly Timberland factory in the Dominican Republic.



Written by Nikki Bagheri