Last night the Raptors (coughJOHNSALMONScough) threw away what was an exciting and gruelling game against the monster that is Kevin Durant (51 points) and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The double OT had fans gripped to the edge of their seat all the way to the final seconds of the game. We had it ........ we were so close. 

Raptors fans have been displaying their frustrations through social media memes and tweets but no one has been talking about one of the bright spots of that game ...

This fans jersey:

Now that Drake is running with the Toronto Raptors, there are a lot of Raptors fans out there who are big Drake fans. But the guy in the photo above took things to a whole new level last night.

We're not sure who the guy is. But apparently, he attended the Thunder/Raptors game. And when he did, he showed off his new customized Raps jersey, which features a nod to one of Drakes biggest songs of the last couple years.

I'm pretty sure John Salmons should be rockin this jersey for the next couple of weeks. HOW DO YOU MISS TWO FREE THROWS?!