The debut.

Ya'll know we keep it legendary at Community 54, and C54v2 is no exception. We've moved on up to Alphabet City and there was no other way to celebrate than a collab with some of our favorites. Read about em. Follow em. & Check out the gallery.

The CLAW x 54 merch is available at our Alphabet City location EXCLUSIVELY. Give us a call to place your order NOW or you may just miss out.

DESIGN BY CLAW x Claudia Gold is a fashion designer who got her start as Claw Money- her legendary graffiti alter ego. Claw killed the designs, drawing inspiration from Alphabet City & C54.

MODELED BY CORMEGA x The hip-hop legend himself, repping in a way only he can.

SHOT BY @STEVESWEATPANTS x Editor at Large of @streetdreamsmag, this full time du-rag model is crushing the instagram game and he took us out to shoot in the remnants of the legendary 5 Pointz.