Just in case you needed to wear something in between visits to Comic Con, VANS brings you it's latest collaboration... Star Wars. Just coming off the success of the Yellow Submarine release, VANS offers up it's newest collection combining Classics & Vault products combined with heritage prints and Star Wars characters. The Force is strong on this one... They've just landed at Community 54 Parkdale.


We've curated a 3 style collection for the shop that will meet every Star Wars fanboy's (or girls?) needs. First up, the staff's pick: VANS Authentic in "Stormtrooper Bandana". We didn't think that black & white paisley could get any fresher... but then they got mashed up with the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.

As a tribute to the first film from 1977, we've got a pair of classic slip ons with the original poster artwork from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

slip on a new hope.jpg

Last up... the VANS Era in "Classic Repeat". Lace these kicks up and step out dripping in classic comic style Star Wars graphics inspired by vintage merchandise...

Stand out from the clones... limited edition!