Like a BOSS Vol. 3: Beyonce and Jay-Z Turnt Up In Atlanta

It seems as though we take our cell phones out and record for all types of reasons. Wether it be someone being harassed by the cops or catching someone in the act, cell phone footage has become the quickest and easiest way to share the many wild events that occur in the world. Luckily someone pulled their cell phone out for the perfect moment at Club Reign Friday, just in time to catch an intoxicated Beyonce and Jay-Z dancing to their own song, "Drunk In Love". This came right after the two superstars partied with The Dream, Bow Wow and Trey Songz along with others, spending almost 100K on Dusse bottles for their section.

"MY GAWWWWWD!" - Jigga

Spending your mortgage on bottles ......Like a boss.

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