Will the real Slim Santa Please Stand Up!

Santacon 2013 is here and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Every year since 1997, men and women dressed up like scantily clad Santas, elves, reindeer or some other holiday character (some Ho Ho Hoes!) and flood NYC streets with holiday spirit for an all-day bar crawl. It usually starts off with people singing jovial holiday tunes and eventually transitions into a lot of "fuck you Bro!" But it is all in good spirit and it is quite a sight to behold watching hundreds if not thousands of drunk Santas descend on New York City. The event has grown exponentially since its inception. It started with dozens of Santas in San Francisco to over 30,000 recorded Santas in NYC last year.

BUT... Not every one is happy about masses of sloppy, sloshed Santas strolling into their local watering holes. You can imagine what happens when you mix Costumes Booze and Hos. Still not getting the picture? I'm talking about widespread incidents of uncontrollable vomiting, public urination, and random acts of elf on elf crime throughout the day. This is becoming more and more apparent as bars have started to put up "No Santas Allowed" signs. Some of which are quite funny. One reads “Alcohol Soaked Father Christmas-themed flash mob not welcome here, Take your body fluids and public intoxication elsewhere.”

Here are some pictures from previous years events--->