TRAVI$ SCOTT Performs at Hoxton Toronto

If you could put a bunch of psychotic wild horses in a 30x40 square foot room, you'd have a Travi$ Scott concert.

Travi$ shut it DOWN Sunday night at the Hoxton in Toronto. Sweat
dripping, lights flashing, arms flexing and turntables spinning.

His raw energy lit up the formerly mellow crowd when he came out
busting "Quintana" and proved that mosh pits are no longer only for
rock shows. The incredibly interactive performance had fans going
absolutely insane. The 21-year old rapper from Houston made it quite
clear that everyone who attended was there to have an equally awesome
time when he kicked everyone off the stage screaming "F*&! V.I.P.!"

Crowd surfing, moshing, jumping, stomping, straps flying, skin out,
middle fingers up and screaming at the top of your lungs  -- Travi$
Scott redefined "rap show".

Words and photos by Megan C. McLeod

Special thanks to Embrace Presents, I Luv Lola and CBS Kids for having us out

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