A generation of Iranians have had to deal with the economic fluctuations and scenarios presented by their isolating government.  One thing that is cool is with modern technology people get information one way or another.  Even when the government tries to control things in a radicalized manor, Iranians can check out their satellite tv for some reality.

Pinched Aspirations of Iran’s Young Multitudes

(NY Times) About two months ago, when many Iranian families were stocking up on rice and meat to prepare for seemingly inevitable military conflict with the West over Iran’s nuclear program, Ali Mesgaran, 35, decided to open a sandwich shop.

Iran’s national currency, the rial, had just lost nearly half of its value amid new international sanctions, and banks and exchange offices were spilling over with orders for gold and foreign currency from people hoping to protect family savings from soaring inflation.

“There are always problems in this country,” Mr. Mesgaran said, explaining why he decided to open his shop, Piyaz Jafari, named after a traditional Iranian sandwich spread of onions and herbs. “We felt that if we ever wanted to be successful, we just had to ignore those.”

Now, after surprisingly positive talks last month between Iran and world powers over the country’s nuclear program, fears of war have given way to cautious optimism among Iranian officials and analysts. Iran’s currency has made a modest recovery, and Mr. Mesgaran has hired extra help to serve his customers.

Any solution to the nearly 10-year-old roller coaster of talks and threats over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which the West suspects are military in nature but Tehran insists are peaceful, would be welcomed here. But experience has taught people like Mr. Mesgaran not to get their hopes up. Instead, he and many others of his generation have resigned themselves to making the best of a bad situation.

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