What do you get when a Men’s Lifestyle Brand teams up with one of the best graffiti writers in the game, a premier NY Retailer and a well known hip hop producer? A recipe for some really dope Art, Fashion, Music and Culture!

As the crew over at Sacred Stitch Clothing gears up for the launch of their Spring 2012 Collection, they took the opportunity team up with NY graff artist Mast One, of I.M.O.K. and T.G.E crews, to put together some dope visuals for their loyal fans and followers. Mast spent the weekend with the Sacred Stitch Team at one of NYC’s most premier Streetwear and Lifestyle Boutique’s Community 54. He worked two full days to paint the 30ft X 10ft promotional Sacred Stitch burner on the back wall of the Lower East Side boutique, which came out incredible.

This video features Sacred Stitch’s two days with Mast at Community 54, as well as a sneak peak of their soon-to-launch Spring 2012 Collection. Footage edited by Serringe, of Element Tree, behind the scenes pics taken by Fresh Paint NYC and beats provided by the one and only 6th Sense.

About: Sacred Stitch 
Sacred Stitch isn’t merely a name, but a synonymous undertone for a brand that is defining a new form of passion in style. Every design and stitch is crafted from thought to fruition in the way that today’s tastemakers demand. When established in 2008, the creative minds behind the brand realized that style does not just come with the clothes on your back but that lifestyle and attitude play as equal a role. These ideals are what help transcend Sacred Stitch from the already flooded clothing market. The realization that style can be found in all forms of art and expression is what will continue to drive the passion behind Sacred Stitch Clothing.

About: Mast TGE IMOK
The NY based writer started making a name for himself in the 90s and has earned a reputation for coupling aggressive letters and stylized characters ever since. His attention to detail and primary focus on letter-forms themselves give his work a solid foundation as he continues to hone the vocabulary of his visual language.

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