Via Hypebeast‘s ‘A Conversation with Donwan Harrell of PRPS’

Denim should be… the cornerstone of every man’s wardrobe; it’s been a staple in American work wear since the 1800’s. Denim went from work wear to casual wear and now it’s claimed a place in the luxury market. Denim has transcended traditional social and economic barriers and is now coveted and attainable around the world.

The development of denim is… always challenging. Fashion is not as individualistic as it once was. Although denim has been around since the 1800’s, I’ve made it a point to continue to experiment with new techniques and to remain innovative. Conversely, whenever I introduce a new idea, competitors adopt the concepts almost immediately. The larger the company, the faster they’re able to imitate, produce and show up on shelves before us. It’s a never-ending battle of mass commercialism but it also fuels me to continue to push the envelope. I’m proud to say I was a pioneer. I was the first American to produce denim in Japan and to introduce it to America and Europe.

Japanese craftsmanship on denim… is far superior to the US, China and Europe. Their unending quest for perfection never ceases to amaze me. It’s unusual to find inaccuracies and their quality is unquestionable. They pay close attention to every stitch and detail I specify in my designs.

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